222 Policy-Court/Release/Transport/Transfer

222.01 (IIC05-0001) Inter-Institutional Transfer

222.01 (IIC05-0001) Attachment 1, Institutional Transfer Recommendation

222.01 (IIC05-0001) Attachment 2, Authorized Items Checklist To-From ASMP (Transient)

222.02 (IIC05-0003) County Facility Placement

222.03 (IIB17-0001) International Transfers

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 1, International Transfer Participating Countries

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 3, International Transfer Certified Case Summary for State Inmate

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 4, International Transfer Prisoner Transfer Notification

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 5, International Transfer Prisoner Notification

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 6, International Transfer Program Denial Form

222.03 (IIB17-0001) Attachment 7, International Transfer Notification Form

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Interstate Detainers

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 1, Letter of Acknowledgment of Detainer

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 02, FORM I- Notice of Untried Indictment Right to Req Disposition

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 03, States Participating in the Interstate Agreement on Detainers

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 04, FORM II- Inmate's Notice of Place of Imprisonment and Req for Disposition

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 05, FORM III - Certitficate of Inmate Status (facsimile)

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 06, FORM IV-Offer to Deliver Temporary Custody (facsimile)

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 07, FORM VII- Prosecutor's Acceptance of Temp Custody

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 08, FORM V-Request for Temp Custody (facsimile)

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 09, Memo of Information Regarding Habeas Corpus Rights

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 10, Inmate Acknowledgment of Notification of Request for Temp Custody

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 11, Governor's Nofication of Other State's Request for Temp Custody

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 12, FORM VIII-Prosecutor's Acceptance of Temp Custody

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 13, FORM VI- Evidence of Agent's Authority to Act for Receiving State

222.04 (IIC06-0001) Attachment 14, FORM IX-Prosecutor's Report on Disposition of Charges

222.06 (IIA23-0001) Consular Notification

222.06 (IIA23-0001) Attachment 1, Mandatory Notification Countries and Jurisdictions

222.06 (IIA23-0001) Attachment 2, Inmate Decision Concerning Optional Consular Notification

222.06 (IIA23-0001) Attachment 3, Consular Notification Facsimile Form

222.08 (IIG01-0001) Sex Offender Registration

222.08 (IIG01-0001) Attachment 1, Sex Offender Registration Notification

222.08 (IIG01-0001) Attachment 2, Certification Of Sex Offender Registration (Probation)

222.08 (IIG01-0001) Attachment 3, Gcic Operations Bulletin #98-07 (Capture And Transmission Of Facial Images)

222.08 (IIG01-0001) Attachment 4, Registration Reference Guide

222.09 (IIA02-0002) Compassionate Visit

222.09 (IIA02-0002) Attachment 1, Compassionate Leave Form

222.09 (IIA02-0002) Attachment 2, Crisis Form

222.11 (IIC05-0002) Transporting Of Inmates With Infectious Diseases

222.11 (IIC05-0002) Attachment 1, Notification Of An Infectious Disease

222.11 (IIC05-0002) Attachment 2, Bloodborne Diseases

222.11 (IIC05-0002) Attachment 3, Supplies To Implement Universal And Airborne Precautions

222.11 (IIC05-0002) Attachment 4, Standard Procedures For Cleaning Body Fluid Contamination

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