Contraband Arrests at Rogers State Prison

As of 7/2010, we've made 1,158 contraband arrests

On April 10, the Reidsville Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Highway 147 near Rogers State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia. After approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed a suspicious bag in the right rear floor board. The driver of the vehicle was Martel Sellers and the passenger was Rex Denoi. The officer was granted verbal consent from the driver to search the vehicle. The following contraband was discovered: 230 balls of suspected tobacco (unweighted) wrapped in black electrical tape. The contraband was confiscated by the officer and turned over to the C.I.D (Criminal Investigation Division) Senior Agent. The agent placed civilians Martel Sellers and Rex Denoi under arrested. They were transported by Reidsville Police Department to Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office.

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