Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

As of 7/2010, we've made 1,409 contraband arrests

On March 25 at Hays State Prison, security staff observed Christopher Cammick attempting to throw contraband over the fence. The contraband consisted of 3 bundles wrapped in clear plastic wrap. Cammick was arrested by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office.

On March 24 at Montgomery State Prison, security staff conducted a vehicle search. Security staff discovered 680 grams of tobacco, 106.2 grams of dipping tobacco, a pill bottle containing 3 grams of marijuana, 3 packs of rolling paper and a box of sandwich bags. Meressa Hunter and Dquan English were arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

On March 24 at Dodge State Prison, security staff noticed a bulge on Officer Brittany Newson’s person. After consenting to a search, security staff discovered 4 vacuum sealed packages of 804 grams of tobacco. Officer Newson was arrested by the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office

On March 22, the Wrightsville Police Department observed a vehicle near Johnson State Prison. After searching the vehicle, the police discovered a cell phone, a charger, 5 bundles of tobacco, a gun and a vacuum sealed package of marijuana. Johnny Alfaro and Joseph Carrier were arrested by the Wrightsville Police Department.

On March 19, Telfair County Sheriff’s Office made a traffic stop near Telfair State Prison and searched the vehicle. They discovered 3 bundles wrapped in black tape with 6 touch screen cell phones, 6 chargers and 7 packages of smoking tobacco. Sherry Green and James Rumph were arrested by the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office.

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