Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Facilities

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 996 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On October 3, civilian Pamela Perdue was arrested by Ware County Sheriff’s Department after dropping contraband near Ware State Prison. The Lieutenant was advised by the Tower Officer that there was a suspicious vehicle on the perimeter road. The Lieutenant proceeded to the area and found contraband on the fence line near the Ware County Barn. The following contraband was discovered: 15 flip phones, 2 touchscreen phones and 29 bundles wrapped in black electrical tape.  Civilian Perdue was observed emerging from the wood line and was stopped for further investigation. Ware County Sherrif’s Department was called to assist with a search on her vehicle. Civilian Perdue gave consent for a search of her vehicle and a Sheriff’s Deputy found 18 flip phones and 3 touchscreen phones in the vehicle.

On October 4, a Tattnall County Sheriff Deputy observed two suspicious individuals, probationer Joseph Hesler and a civilian, walking on the bridge at Highway 147 near Rogers State Prison. Upon conducting a search, 2 small bags containing 48 bundles of tobacco and a large knife were found inside a vehicle parked under the bridge. Probationer Hesler admitted that he was going to Rogers State Prison to drop off contraband. Hesler was arrested and charged with introducing contraband into a facility.

On October 5, at Bacon Probation Detention Center, a Correctional Officer observed civilian Dustin Boatwright throw 2 cigarettes from his SUV towards a city detail comprised of 8 offenders. The officer recovered the contraband, and notified the Superintendent and the City of Alma Police Department. Civilian Boatwright was arrested by the City of Alma Police Department.

On October 8, at Montgomery State Prison, the perimeter officer observed a Chevrolet, driven by civilian Daric Sherrod Johnson, behind the Warden's residence. Civilian Johnson was then observed throwing packages containing contraband into a wooded area. Further investigation revealed six packages wrapped in black electrical tape.The packages contained 435 grams of tobacco, 2 cell phones and 2 cell phone chargers. Civilian Johnson was arrested by a Georgia Department of Corrections Investigator and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. 

On October 8, the Perimeter Officer observed a suspicious person standing outside of Telfair State Prison’s fire station with the hood of her car raised, along with an offender standing on the side of the fire station at the time she lifted her hood. The officer made contact with the civilian and she stated that her car was running hot and she needed some water. During questioning, the civilian refused to give her name and any other information. The officer called for assistance from the Portal Sergeant and Telfair County Sheriff’s Department. The Sergeant made contact with the civilian and gave instruction for the civilian to leave the premises. After leaving the premises, the vehicle was pulled over by McRea-Helena Police Department and a second civilian was observed in the vehicle. The Telfair County Sheriff was en-route to the facility but observed the vehicle pulled over and stopped to assist the McRae-Helena officer. While pulling up, the Sheriff observed the passenger throwing a green duffle bag out the window of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was identified as civilian Shernell McKenzie and the passenger was identified as civilian Achia Chancey. The duffle bag was recovered and 4 packages wrapped in black electric tape containing 19 Verizon flip phones, 13 Verizon touch screen phones, 700 grams of tobacco, 25.8 grams of methamphetamine and an ID belonging to civilian Shernell McKenzie was discovered inside the bag. Civilians Mckenzie and Chancey were arrested by McRae-Helena Police Department and later transported to Telfair County Sheriff’s Department pending charges for possession of methamphetamine and crossing the guard line with items prohibited by the Warden. 

On October 15, at Calhoun State Prison, while conducting a search of an offender after visitation, security staff recovered contraband. After review of the surveillance tape inside visitation, visitor Glinda Hancock was observed passing contraband to the offender. The contraband, wrapped in black electrical tape, consisted of 100 grams of tobacco and 59 grams of marijuana. Visitor Hancock was arrested by Calhoun County Sheriff's Office on the charges of crossing the guard line with drugs without the consent of the Warden, and possession of a controlled substance.

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