Contraband Arrests at Hays and Ware State Prisons

More Than 841 Civilians, 215 Staff Arrested to Date

On July 30, at Hays State Prison, Nikita Pitts was arrested by Chattooga County Sheriff's Office after she attempted to enter the facility with contraband. While attempting to enter the front security bunker, security staff detected contraband under the insoles of visitor Pitt's shoes during an x-ray search. The contraband wrapped in newspaper and duct tape consisted of 126.1 grams of methamphetamine, 199.2 grams of marijuana, 80.2 grams of tobacco, 11 packs of rolling papers, 27.3 grams of cologne, and an unknown amount of coffee grains.

On July 30, at Ware State Prison, Visitor Deborah Gauldin was arrested by Ware County Sheriff’s Office after introducing contraband into the facility and distributing it to her son inside of visitation.  During a search of the offender after visitation, 13 grams of marijuana was found on his person. After questioning, visitor Gauldin admitted to crossing the guard line and introducing contraband into the facility and distributing the contraband to her son during visitation.

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