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Contraband Arrests at GDC Facilities

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 633 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

1) On February 28, 2014 at Rogers State Prison, intel was received that Food Service Supervisor Teresa Grumbar was observed at a local convenience store purchasing all of the Bugler tobacco. When she returned to the facility, officers searched her vehicle and found approximately 14 packs of Bugler tobacco wrapped in clear plastic. When questioned, Food Service Supervisor Grumbar admitted to bringing tobacco into the facility two to three times previously. The Tattnall County Sheriff's Department was notified and arrested Grumbar. She was charged with violation of 42-518 Items Prohibited for Possession of Inmate without the Warden's Authorization.

2) On March 1, 2014 at Dooly State Prison, the Perimeter Officer observed a suspicious vehicle traveling around the facility. The vehicle entered and exited the parking lot before officers could approach. Two Dooly State Prison Sgts responded and found an individual, Gabriel Villalobos, walking on the dirt road parallel to the facility. Dooly County deputies responded and pulled over the suspicious vehicle containing the following passengers: Jessica Solis, Zavala Juan Fernando Gonzalez and two small children. The vehicle was searched and officers found a loaded weapon. On the dirt road, officers found 120 packaged bundles of tobacco. All three adults, Gabriel Villalobos, Jessica Solis and Zavala Juan Fernando Gonzalez were arrested for Conspiracy to commit a felony and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

3) On March 1, 2014 at Baldwin State Prison, suspicious individuals were located near the facility. The Baldwin County Sheriff's Department was notified and the individuals were identified as William Thomas and Wineshia Prather. Thomas and Prather had a black bag containing the following contraband items: six packages of cigarettes, one pocket knife, 10 Samsung flip phones and chargers, two LG touchscreen phones and chargers, six black and mild cigars, eight lighters, three tops rolling papers, four bugler rolling papers, � lbs. of tobacco, three bandanas. Both Thomas and Prather were arrested.

The Department of Corrections is committed to identifying and pursuing prosecution of those persons who attempt to introduce contraband into state facilities.

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