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Contraband Arrests at GDC Facilities

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 549 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

1) On August 14, 2013, at Dooly State Prison, Officer Jarrius Sparks was discovered entering the facility with 10.7 oz. of tobacco by the front entry Officer. She notified her supervisor and a search of his person revealed 11.1 oz. of marijuana strapped to his body. Sparks was arrested by the Dooly County Sheriff's Office. Internal Affairs responded and a search of his car revealed approximately � gallon bag of marijuana.

2) On August 15, 2013 an investigator received a call from a Tattnall County Sheriff's Deputy. The Deputy advised that another Deputy had stopped a car at the prison store. Civilian Cynthia Brooks was the driver. Brooks stated that she had come out to the prison to make sure she could find the prison for visitation purposes. Consent to search the vehicle was obtained. During the search an Investigator found a piece of paper in the center console with directions for contraband to be placed in milk crates at Rogers State Prison Dairy. A Deputy found an empty bugler box with empty bugler packages stuffed inside. Inside of the milk crate beside the brick building was a black plastic bag containing 12 packages of loose tobacco and two packages of suspected Meth. Brooks was placed under arrest by the Tattnall County Sheriff's Office.

3) On August 18, 2013 at Telfair State Prison, while closing down visitation a strong odor of marijuana was noticed by staff. The smell was the strongest near visitor Chia Hemby. As Hemby got up to depart she discarded a potato chip bag in the trash. Hemby was ask to submit to a consent to search, nothing was found. While she was being searched, the potato chip bag was retrieved and it contained 1.3 oz. of marijuana. Hemby was arrested by the Telfair County Sheriff Department. Her vehicle was searched and two cellphones and six green dot cards were found and turned over to the Sheriff Deputy.

4) On August 18, 2013 at Georgia State Prison, Officer Norman Irving could not clear the entry building search procedures. He was asked to consent to a search of his person and at that time ran from the building back into the parking lot. The Shift Lieutenant ran after him and witnessed Officer Irving throw a package into the bed of a truck. The package was retrieved and it was a gallon bag of tobacco that was half full. Irving was arrested by the Tattnall County Sheriff's Office.

5) On August 18, 2013 at Rogers State Prison, civilian Tonya Dasher was observed behind the State Patrol barracks. A K-9 Sergeant responded and a search of the area revealed that a black trash bag containing three cell phones and six bundles of tobacco were found. Underneath the passenger seat of Dasher's car was four more bundles of tobacco. Dasher stated they fell out of the trash bag. Dasher was arrested by the Tattnall County Sheriff's Deputies.

The Department of Corrections is committed to identifying and pursuing prosecution of those persons who attempt to introduce contraband into state facilities.

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