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Program Development Unit

A component of Program Services responsible for supporting current recidivism reduction initiatives through three main functions:

  1. Research - continuous examination of the research literature for evidence-based practice developments and improvements for consideration.

  2. Evaluation - development and implementation of internal and external process and outcome evaluations to determine the effectiveness of GDC processes and programs intended to reduce recidivism.

  3. Assessment - maintaining, training, and developing policy for the department’s offender risk and need assessment process


Profile of the Program Development Unit by Functional Area


  •  Consults with outside research professionals and expert practitioners in order to improve delivery of services intended to reduce recidivism;

  •  Assists in seeking out and incorporating the latest research-supported staff skills and program interventions;

  •  Conducts internal evaluations and assists external evaluators in order to expand and extend the research/knowledge base of the corrections programs profession


  •  Process evaluations - quality assurance site visits, audits, and the Georgia Programs Assessment Inventory (GPAI)

  •  Outcome evaluations

  •  Measurement of intermediate outcomes, e.g., technical violations, disciplinary reports, grievances, drug screens

  •  Measurement of ultimate outcome, e.g., offender recidivism rates

  • Quality assurance - examination of processes and creation of reports for distribution to field and headquarters staff to feed into a continuous quality improvement process to improve programming intended to reduce recidivism


  • Management of the GDC offender risk and need assessment process for determining who needs which risk reduction services, including training and evaluation of staff and development of policy

  • Management of the GDC case planning processes, including training and evaluation of staff and development of policy

  • Quality Assurance of these processes in order to:

    •  Ensure that quality assessment results drive the risk reduction interventions offenders are directed to take

    • Ensure accurate caseplans direct the right offenders to the right risk reduction opportunities so they have their best chance to maintain a crime and drug free life after release


Nicole Babb, MPH, CADC II
Manager, Program Development Unit
Program Services
Inmate Services Division

Mailing Address:

Georgia Department of Corrections
300 Patrol Road
Hardin Library 2nd Floor
Forsyth, GA 31029

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