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Why is assessment important?

  • Provides objective and empirically validated evaluations of an offender's risk and needs;
  • Assists in decision-making processes regarding placement, supervision, and case planning;
  • Addresses the offender’s risk/needs and matching the offender to the identified level of services are linked to changing offender behavior, appropriate use of resources and public protection;
  • High risk/need offenders respond better to intensive and comprehensive services, while low risk offenders respond better to minimal or no intervention.


What are the current initiatives to provide risk/needs assessments?

The Next Generation Assessment (NGA) is an automated programming assessment instrument based on data currently found within SCRIBE – CHRI (GCIC) – PAROLE databases. The results:

  • Will match offender to programming based on results of assessment
  • Separate Risk/Need Scales for Male and Female offenders
  • Will complete the programming referral list
  • An Offender Program Plan will be generated
  • Scoring is based on Risk/Need Matrix

NGA is a reliable predictor, however each scale is a screener not a full blown assessment therefore some offenders with indicators of more serious needs will require other assessment to follow-up on identified risk factors.



Nicole Babb, MPH, CADCII
Program Development Unit


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