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Board Members

Board of Corrections


Timothy C. Ward

First District:

Tommy M. Rouse

Second District:

Alton Russell (Chairman)

Third District:

Duke Blackburn (Secretary) 

Fourth District:

Ester Fleming Jr.

Fifth District:

Andrea Shelton

Sixth District:


Seventh District:

Christopher Clark

Eighth District:

Jerry Willis 

Ninth District:

Stacy Jarrard

Tenth District:

Donnie Pope

Eleventh District:


Twelfth District:

Wayne Dasher

Thirteenth District:

Neat Robinson

Fourteenth District:

John Mayes

Members at Large

W.D. Strickland, Mike Coggins, Rose Williams, Larry E. Haynie (Vice Chairman),  Luis “Lou” M. Solis Jr.

Other Members

Simone Juhmi (Board Liaison), Tina Piper (Board Attorney)

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