Board Members

Board of Corrections


Timothy C. Ward

First District:

Tommy M. Rouse

Second District:

Alton Russell (Chairman)

Third District:

Duke Blackburn (Secretary) 

Fourth District:

Ester Fleming Jr.

Fifth District:

Andrea Shelton

Sixth District:

Carl Franklin

Seventh District:

Christopher Clark

Eighth District:

Jerry Willis 

Ninth District:

Stacy Jarrard

Tenth District:

Donnie Pope

Eleventh District:

Roger Garrison

Twelfth District:

Wayne Dasher

Thirteenth District:


Fourteenth District:

John Mayes

Members at Large

W.D. Strickland, Mike Coggins, Rose Williams, Larry E. Haynie (Vice Chairman), Rocio D. Woody

Other Members

Simone Juhmi (Board Liaison), Tina Piper (Board Attorney)

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